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Why did we create Fragile?

Even though the children around you appear to be happy and safe, this does not imply that every child has a prosperous existence. Even though we live in the 21st century, it is horrifying that so many children’s rights are being violated and traumatized for the rest of their life. We are touched by the fact that child kidnapping is still prevalent in Mongolia and throughout the world, and we are committed to bringing this issue to the attention of the public through our first game.



Beer Night Studio decided to develop a video game for the first time in Mongolia after working on a 2D comedy animation series for over two years. The player will get pulled into the nightmares of reality as you play as an abducted girl from the ger district of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Through the game, the adult would be able to feel the fears, anxieties, and sufferings of a 10-year-old girl who is a victim of human trafficking as she escapes from a hidden organization that engages in human trafficking and other horrendous activities.

The life of a little girl walking through the dirty and dark streets and air pollution at the beginning of the game is not a fiction that can only be seen in your nightmare, but it is a reality that can be seen from the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar at any time.



Fragile /ˈfrædʒ.əl/

adjective (easily damaged, broken, or harmed)

When you buy a TV or any type of electronic device, the word FRAGILE will always be printed on the box, indicating that it is easily broken or damaged. Today, we live in a society that does not care about causing mental and emotional harm to children but is scared of breaking the products they purchase. Our goal was to deliver the connotation that children’s minds are fragile, they ought to be handled with care, ultimately raising awareness about child abduction.



In Mongolia, sexual exploitation accounts for 79% of human trafficking with girls being the majority of victims. In 2018, 80.2% of all victims of human trafficking were women (56.4% are adults, 23.8% are minors), and 19.8% were men (12.9% are adults and 6.9% are minors). In terms of gender, women make up the vast majority of victims of human trafficking under the age of 20. According to statistics from the National Police Agency of Mongolia between 2014 and 2019, 53 cases of human trafficking were investigated and 9 cases were resolved by the courts.

It is impossible to understand the great suffering of the victims and their families unless it has happened to themselves or those around them. In the 21st century, everyone should work together to make children live in a healthy and safe environment. Our game was the quickest and most successful way to capture the public's attention and expose the problem to the public, letting them know that this type of crime is still occurring.

Her little courage to get over her trauma, violence, and her heart pounding in fear of everything that she has been through… Lub-Dub… Can you hear it?


FRAGILE mobile version coming soon...

Khashbileg Ikhbuyan

Project Development Intern

Beer Night Studio



Despite how confusing it was at first to me. I ended up loving the game as I was able to understand the symbolism behind the game and I find it admirable that you managed to make this psychological horror game share the message of what has been going on in Mongolia.


Jul 30, 2023

great game people should play to get an understanding of what other people could be going through and for the player to experience it emotionally.


Arthur Awen
Arthur Awen
Aug 28, 2022

Do you know when will Fragile be on consoles?

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